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Welcome To NPPS, Inc. The “National Leader” in specialty recruiting. 

If you are in the industries we serve you probably recognize our brands!



Four-smiling-employees-standing-upright-around-their-directorSince 1991 we have been recruiting in the industries of Physicians, Printing and Packaging, Heavy Equipment, Trucking and Transportation.

All of our Recruiters are specialists in their respective industries. Our staff of over 20 Recruiters average almost 10 years with NPPS. They are real pros who “get it”.

What makes NPPS different?...Why should we use your services?

We think NPPS is different because our firm is based upon strong beliefs formed from many, many years of actual hands-on experience with placement agencies from Temporaries to Executive Search.

NPPS is based upon a belief in service and results.

NPPS is based upon open, honest feedback about our services, our abilities, and our fees.

Since 1991 NPPS has grown into a multi-level staffing organization of dedicated experienced professionals who care about who we are and how well we perform for you.


...Believes in an unshakable commitment to the truth.

OUR PRIMARY #1 RULE – Tell everybody the whole truth all of the time.  There is no honor and no value in misleading people.

...Believes in integrity.

We will deliver the service we promise you, and we will not promise what we cannot deliver.

...Believes in respect.

For our Clients and Candidates. For our Company and our Staff. NPPS faithfully subscribes to and surpasses all of the legal and ethical standards of our business.

...Believes in controllable, predictable fees.

Clients have budgets too, and they should be aided in controlling their recruiting and staffing costs. Misrepresented fees and excessive charges are contrary to everyone's best interests. Our rates will remain market competitive and will reward, not punish our high volume Clients.

...Believes that this is first and foremost a people business.

We are helping real people. The long-term goodwill of ALL parties involved is the only true measure of recruiting and staffing success. NPPS will always strive to place people first. This is good ethics and good business.

What makes NPPS different...

We believe that it is our absolute determination to provide the very best service, people, and prices, and our willingness to go the extra mile for our Clients and Candidates.

We respectfully ask you to try the NPPS family of recruiters and see the difference for yourself.