NPPS Non-Recruitment Policy

It is very important to NPPS that we operate at the highest ethical standards in the industry.  That includes honoring our pledge not to recruit from our clients. 

A “client” is someone who has paid us a recruitment fee within the last 12 months.

In today’s modern world of pervasive interconnectivity, multiple advertising venues and social networking, it is practically impossible not to sometimes end up talking to employees of clients about other positions.  To try and avoid this we add an advisory to all of our marketing emails explaining that it is our policy not to recruit employees of our clients.

Our recruiting database includes over 25 years of accumulated contacts and resumes.  We are connected to, or have files in our database, of literally thousands of people in the industry.  Many of these people are employed at our clients.   Sometimes we can tell that, but sometimes we don’t know that until after we begin a dialogue.

When we do our networking, send out mass emails, place advertisements, etc we routinely hear from people who happen to be working at current clients.  We also have many conversations with people without realizing that they now work at a client.  Companies merge and change names.  Resumes are not always updated.  Etc.  Etc.

There is simply no way to avoid occasionally talking with employees of clients.  But we do not knowingly approach them to change jobs.

This is our non-recruitment pledge: