The ‘National Leader’ In Specialty Recruiting
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Two great ways to hire!

Two great ways to pay!


There are thousands of “recruiters” out here. Large national chains. Small solo operators. Every size and shape in between. How do you decide who to work with?


We can help you with that decision!depositphotos 53329001 Recruitment agencies

  • Work with a specialized recruiter who is large enough to cover the entire US, but small enough to value your business.
  • Work with an agency who has devoted years of top quality work and results to YOUR industry.
  • Work with an agency that gets RESULTS and doesn’t waste your time.

Since 1991 NPPS our specialty recruiting divisions have been the “go to” people for expert results. Why? Because of our large staff of over twenty recruiters averages close to 10 years with us.

NPPS has filled over 3000 positions with hundreds of top quality employers. 

When you call NPPS you will speak to an experienced professional recruiter with knowledge of YOUR industry, YOUR products, and YOUR type of business.

When you call NPPS you will have a team working on your behalf who understands YOUR position and WHO can fill it. And then, utilizing our THOUSANDS of contacts in your industry we will do the work. The real recruiting work. The hard work of good old fashioned calling and writing to hundreds of contacts to quickly find you qualified candidates.

NPPS is a Contingency Fee agency. That means we do not charge you a fee unless and until you hire one of our candidates.

NPPS is a Non-Exclusive agency. That means you can continue to use your other recruiting resources, even other agencies if you want to.



Contingent Fee Option


Our most popular option.  NPPS offers a Contingent Fee at competitive market rates. 
No commitments required.  No down payments.  You only owe us if you hire our Candidate.
From General Manager to Sales, Parts & Service to Support. we can find proven professionals to join your team.
There is NEVER a charge to candidates for their job search. There is NEVER an obligation for a client company to pay a fee unless you actually hire someone through us.
What does it cost?
$0 - Absolutely nothing - Unless you hire someone. We are 100% Contingent upon hire.
Our fees are very competitive - Less than the usual total mark-up costs of hiring a temporary.
Our fees are based upon the first year earnings; usually in the 25-30% range depending upon the title, duties, geography, guarantees, etc.
Please call and discuss your needs with an NPPS consultant today.


Retainer Program


For "problem" searches or if you want to save extra money.

A great way to save up to 20% of your recruiting costs with the industry leader!
If you expect to use a search firm extensively you can save up to 20% of your total costs with the NPPS Annual Retainer Program.
Pay a monthly stipend of $1500/Month and receive a 10% discount off all search fees.
Pay a monthly stipend of $2500/Month and receive a 20% discount off all search fees.
This is a 12 month non-cancellable commitment.  All retainers paid are applied 100% toward the next placement completed during the current retainer year.
If you have a difficult search, need our top priority attention, or just want to save money you can use our NPPS Retained Search Program.
Pay 1/3 of the fee up front.  You only owe the balance if and when we fill that position.  You receive a 10% discount savings off of the full search fee, or -
Pay 1/2 of the fee up front.  You only owe the balance if and when we fill the position.  You receive a 20% discount savings off of the full search fee.
If you close the position for any reason without hiring our candidate T3 keeps the retainer as payment in full for our efforts.  There is no refund or future credit due.



Read the NPPS Non-Recruitment Policy