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Find-the-right-jobAt some point in your career using a good recruiter can make all the difference. So how do you find that person to help with your next career move?

First - you should look for someone who will listen. 

You need someone who respects your decisions - Who understands that this is REALLY important! - Who won't PRESSURE you to take a job you don't want.

Second - you should look for someone who knows your industry.

You need pros with experience - Who are in constant contact with hiring managers - Who work with the BEST EMPLOYERS - Who can give you real ADVICE on the current job market.

Third - you need someone you can trust - Who won't give out your information without your permission - Who won't ever lie or hide the true facts.

At NPPS our first rule has never changed.


NPPS has over 20 years in business.  You can trust us to help you. 

NPPS has placed over 3000 people into exciting new career positions.  You can be assured that we care about our candidates and will treat you with respect.

NPPS works with over 200 different employers every year.  We don't pidgeon hole you.  We know our industries.

NPPS creates most of our jobs. With your permission only, we can represent your background to the industry and find jobs for you that are not advertised anywhere.

Check out our job boards. Or feel free to call or write and discuss your needs and career goals with one of our industry specialists. 

NO FEES!  NO OBLIGATION (Except to return our calls and be honest)!