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A.K.A Diane Walters             "Because the Envelope Industry NEEDS a place to meet, discuss and find each other." 
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(This section is restricted to Adjusters and Operators ONLY.  Violators will have their password deleted.)

The Envelope Lady has been finding jobs for Machine Adjusters like you for years.  We appreciate the skill that you have developed and your value to envelope manufacturers. 

Because we feel that Adjusters are a special breed, we want you to finally have your own place where you can find each other, spread the word, ask technical questions, and of course find new and better jobs.  

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For everything else, feel free to join in or just read over the discussion boards.  Just click on one below.

"LOST AND FOUND"  -  Help everyone find old friends and coworkers

"TECH TALK"  -  Tech questions monitored by volunteers.  

"WELL ADJUSTED"  - Gripe (be careful) about your boss, spread the word, or whatever.

"ADJUSTER TALK"  - Chat Room - Live with other adjusters all over the world.



Make some extra cash!  Do a friend a favor!
Our goal is to register every machine adjuster and operator in the envelope world ! ! 
bullet$250 US Savings Bond drawing every quarter. - The more people you send, the better your chance.
bullet$250 Cash Paid if your referral takes a new job through The Envelope Lady within 1 year.

Tell all of your adjuster and operator friends to come visit The Envelope Lady and REGISTER.  Have them use your name.  Each referral is another entry in the next drawing!
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