The ‘National Leader’ In Specialty Recruiting
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NPPS is a well established recruiting firm with experience placing highly qualified physicians into practices across the country.  We work with all specialties and all types of practices.

NFPPS - National Female Physician Placement Services is a special Division of NPPS, because experience has proven that too often employers are not ready to deal with the unique demands placed upon professional women.

NPPS - Practice Search is a web based self directed matching system for physicians who know where they want to practice.

National Physician Placement Services (NPPS) was founded  in 1991.  We have placed hundreds of professionals all across the country.  You can trust us for Honesty, Integrity, Confidentiality.

NPPS believes:

  • Physician recruitment is an honorable profession and a valuable service for both the practice and the physician.
  • Quality service combines fast short-term results with a focus on the longer view, the greater good.  Our business is not "making deals".  It is matching people, communities and future lives.
  • In plain straight talk. Everyone must always understand what is happening and what to expect.  We will tell you what we can do, and admit what we cannot do.
  • The long-term goodwill of ALL parties involved is the only real measure of recruiting success.  

We will always strive to place the physician's and the practice's needs first.  
This is good ethics... and good business.