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NPPS Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the NPPS Frequently Asked Questions section

We have broken down the questions into two sections: one for employers and one for job seekers.

Job Seekers FAQ

Yes, as much as possible. NPPS’ policy is we do not send out your resume or give your name out without your permission.

However, you should realize that we all work in small industries where people know about each other. At some point to change jobs you will have to tell people who you are.

There is NO CHARGE for candidates/job seekers.  Ever.

Our employers pay all of our fees.

We do have one charge for candidates.  We ask you to help us by recommending us to your colleagues and to make us look good to our employers by giving us quick responses and honest answers/feedback at all times. 

NO! Not to use our service. We have no contracts with you.

If you are hired, some employers may ask you to sign an agreement that you will not quit on them for a minimum period of time.  That would be a matter between you and them.

Your only obligation to us and our clients is to be honest, respond to our calls, and that you keep your promises.

We all spend a lot of time and money to put you through an interview process. We just ask that you give us the professional respect and courtesy of quick follow up and honest feedback.

We also won't mind if you recommend us to your friends and associates.

Our clients pay our fee for finding great talent like you. 

You will never receive a charge or bill from NPPS.


You can expect that most employers today will ask you to pass a drug test if they are ready to make you an offer.  In many cases their insurance or corporate policy will not allow them to hire you unless you pass.


You should expect most employers to request a background check prior to making an offer.  They will have to get your permission first and will probably use a professional service.  They may inquire about your criminal record, both local and/or national, as well as a credit report.


We only do references upon the request of an employer, and usually with references provided by you.  We are as careful and confidential as we can be, but when calling references it is possible that the fact you are looking could leak out.  Please be careful who you list as a reference.  Whenever possible you should notify your references that they may receive calls about you.

Your background is what it is.  Most facts will be discovered.  If there is anything that could cause you a problem the best policy is to tell everyone about it up front.  Lying or hiding problems will almost certainly disqualify you for the position.

We cannot help you with a relocation, but most of our employers do have a relocation policy.  This will be an important part of your offer of employment negotiations with the employer.

For hourly positions most employers will help with the cost of renting a UHaul and related moving expense.  They may add some temporary housing in a residence hotel.  Usually this is capped at $1500 to $2500.

For Salaried positions most employers will help with a rental truck or a mover, some travel money, and temporary housing for up to a month or two.  They may be willing to add a house hunting trip.  Usually this is capped at $5-7000.

For Management and senior positions employers may have a policy or may be totally open to negotiation.  This of course depends on the level of the position.




In nearly all cases, if you interview with an employer who invites/requires you to travel or spend money to visit with them the employer should pick up the expenses.

NOTE:  Employers expect to pay for the ordinary charges for hotels.  They DO NOT expect to be charged for meals, movies, snack bar, etc.  Many candidates have been rejected after employers discovered inappropriate charges on their hotel bill.  Please use good judgement.

Employer policies differ on whether they will pay the charges directly or if you will have to turn in receipts and be reimbursed. 

Whenever possible we try and have the employer make all travel arrangements directly.  However, if you have to go out-of-pocket you should check to be sure of when you can expect them to process your reimbursement.


Most employers will cover the cost of a car rental, if required.  They may even make the reservation for you.  But most car agencies will not allow them to pay for the car directly.  They will require you to show up with a valid driver's license and a credit card with a reasonable credit available balance.  If you are not sure if you can rent, please call a car agency and be sure BEFORE you travel.


You have to eat no matter where you are, so being on an interview trip does not entitle you to extra money for food.  However often the employer will invite you to a meal or offer to pay for your meals. 


Employers FAQ

 Yes, paid by the employer.  There is never any charge to the candidate. 

Normally our fee is 100% Contingent upon hire.  There is no charge just for interviewing.

Our rates are usually a percentage of the first year expected income. 

Our normal fee is 30% for salaried or exempt positions. 

For many hourly positions we are able to negotiate flat fees or other discount arrangements.

We may be able to lower your rate based on factors such as volume, difficulty of the search, geography, exclusivity, etc.  Ask your Consultant.

All fees are mutually agreed to in writing up front before you interview any candidates.  There are no surprises or extra charges.

NOTE:  It is considered unethical and a breach of protocol to mention the fee to the candidate.  It is inappropriate to tell them things like you could have offered a higher wage if you didn't have to pay our fee, etc. 

You are not allowed to ask the candidate to pay us or reimburse you for our fee.  However many employers do ask candidates to sign agreements that they will not voluntarily resign from you for a minimum period of time.  If they do they can then be required to reimburse you for some pro-rated portion of the hiring expense. This is up to you and the candidate to negotiate.  However we ask you to let us know if you intend to make them sign something so that we can avoid candidates who will not sign committments.


Yes.  NPPS offers an industry standard 30 day replacement guarantee, as follows:

NPPS CANNOT AND DOES NOT GUARANTEE THE PERFORMANCE OF HIRED CANDIDATES.  These are people, not products.  You are supervising them.  Not us.  Once they begin work for you they are beyond our ability to affect or to judge what is really happening.  We cannot be held responsible for someone's opinion later of how things are working out.

But we also understand that anyone interviewing with you hears about other jobs.  We know anyone who accepts your offer could get a counter offer to stay or come back.  We know references often call candidates and offer them jobs.  We know some people get buyers remorse when they start a new job and immediately want to quit. 

So to protect you we will replace anyone who quits on you within 30 days (except for cause, like you bouncing a check or moving their job, etc.)  We DO NOT offer a money back refund.  We believe that is inherently unethical and unfair to the employee because it really places a bounty on his head to offer a cash reward if you fire them.  It allows you to be rewarded for replacing them with your own free candidates rather than letting us remedy the situation.

In some cases, just as with buying an extended warranty, we may be willing to extend the guarantee for a small increase in the fee structure.


NPPS pioneered the use of Referral Acknowledgement forms to insure that you are in full agreement over who can represent a candidate to you.

We do not simply send a resume and demand that you now owe us a fee if you hire them.

When we submit a candidate to you we ask you to carefully check you records to ensure that you DO NOT already have this person as a candidate and that you are specifically authorizing us to represent that person to your company.

It is up to you whether to accept our referral on any person.  Your rules are your rules.  If we dissagree with your rules then we will stop submititng candidates to you. 

In the small industries that we work we expect many candidates will be known to someone in your organization.  We expect that at one time or another they may have ben submitted for consideration.  We do not believe these are sufficient reasons to reject our submittal.

In our opinion, when we submit someone the rule we hope you agree with is that if you are not actively talking with/pursuing the person as a candidate you will allow us to represent them and claim our fee if they are hired.

We work in very narrow industries and as such, it is more common than not to submit candidates to companies that have crossed paths at one point or another. Whether by relationship or reputation, often someone within the hiring company will have an industry connection with our candidate.

We are not being paid for finding invisible people.  We are being paid for finding the right person for the right job at the right time.  They may be strangers.  Or very often they are known competitors, ex-employees, suppliers or vendors, or old applicants who you had not considered for this job.

You are never forced to accept our referrals.  However, you are not allowed to take our information, refuse our referral, and then use the information to act upon them when you weren't doing so before.  That would be illegal and warrant a fee to us.


The answer is YES and NO!  Definitely MAYBE.

We always appreciate the opportunity to do more business with a client. 

However the nature of our business is that we are doing searches which are hard to be successful at or you wouldn't be paying us.  Most multiple searches don't offer any savings in our work or efforts, they just multiply the work. In that case we would not be able to offer discounts.

On the other hand, if you have duplicate needs which let us fill similar jobs in a short time frame those would probably let us lower your fees.

Volume discounts are normally contingent upon some time limit to complete the hires and are usually applied to each hire as they occur, not as a wholesale discount to the base rate.

Similarly Exclusive Searches and Retained Searches significantly increase our chances of success and so we are pleased to discuss discounts for those searches. 

In any event that our client companies are highly motivated to fill their open positions, we are open to a case by case evaluation of our rates. As in most business, time is money. When our clients convince us that they can help to eliminate the risk of lost time and effort we are willing to discuss how this can impact their investment.

We are your best bet for a confidential search.

Even while working to fill a vacant position, we take extreme care to perform our searches while keeping the hiring company’s specific information confidential. After all, if a potential candidate knows who the hiring company is we have a risk of driving candidates to them without our introduction. We'd loose our fees.  We could not stay in business if we were not careful with your information. 

In every case we try to treat the job opening as if it is confidential. However at some point we have to reveal who you are or there is no way to move forward.  But we do this in a controlled manner and under agreement of confidentiality with our candidates. 

We cannot guarantee that no one will figure out that you are looking.  That's impossible.  We can tell you that the more we are free to spread the word openly the greater the chances of finding great candidates quickly.

We absolutely encourage them and can help you in the process.

First you should know that NPPS deals with hundreds of candidates every month and so from necessity we must take everyone at face value initially.  Also the majority of our candidates are currently working and it could violate confidentiality and jeopardize their jobs to reference them.  Most candidates have not been referenced or vetted prior to submission.


When you reach a point that you are offering employment we encourage you to conduct background and reference checks.  At your request we offer a full range of checking through a professional service provider.  You may request local/national criminal checks, job and educational background verification, and credit.  We pass along their costs with no markups.


We are glad to run references upon request and with the candidate's permission.  However we have learned from experience that most employers perfer to have their own reference conversations directly rather than accepting what the recruiter reports. 

If we run the references we advise you that we can't guarantee their accuracy and completeness.  But we promise to report whatever we are told with truth and honesty. 


We believe that drug checks are invasive and should only be done once an employment agreement has been reached, assuring employment pending passing the drug test. We can provide a service if you do not have access to one.


We expect the employer to cover all travel expenses for candidate interviews. 

This woud include:

  • airfare
  • hotel
  • rental car if required
  • fuel or mileage if the candidate takes their own car 
  • a meal or two.

We encourage the employer to make the travel arrangements and to have the bills come to them whenever possible.  It is easier for everyone.  However, if you want the candidate to make arrangements and pay out-of-pocket you should be prepared to reimburse them immediately while on their visit. 

Most of our searches require relocation for the new employee.  After all, if they lived in your backyard you probably would have found them on your own.

Should you offer relocation help?  Yes, you should.  It is pretty standard and expected by most candidates.  The question is how much?

This is completely between you and the employee and is normally a feature of any negotiation over an offer of employment.  We can tell you that the competitive market would be on the order of:

  • For hourly positions most employers will help with the cost of renting a UHaul and related moving expense.  They may add some temporary housing in a residence hotel.  Usually this is capped at $1500 to $2500.
  • For Salaried positions most employers will help with a rental truck or a mover, some travel money, and temporary housing for up to a month or two.  They may be willing to add a house hunting trip.  Usually this is capped at $5-7000.
  • For Management and senior positions employers may have a policy or may be totally open to negotiation.  This of course depends on the level of the position.

Please be sure and let your Consultant know what your relocation policy is before interviewing candidates.  Also if you are intending to have the new employee sign an agreement which involves repaying moving costs if they leave you, please let the Consultant know.  This will save everyone pursuing candidates who need more help than you want to offer.




Yes and No.

YES … if you are not a client.

A client is a company who has paid us a fee in the last 12 months.

That does not mean that we STEAL people. We don’t directly contact people at work to entice them to leave their jobs. We contact them to network with them. However many, many people are registered in our database. We will contact those people directly and indirectly to tell them about our jobs and ask their help. Sometimes those people raise their hands and ask to be candidates.

NO … if you are a client.

If we place an employee with you and you pay the fee as agreed we will not work them as a candidate so long as they are your employee (except with your permission).

If you are a client (above) then we will absolutely try to avoid working with your people as candidates for our positions. We certainly will not purposely try and recruit them.

However many people hear about our jobs, or see our ads, or read our social media, and they contact us asking for help changing jobs. In most instances if we know they work for a client we will respectfully decline to represent them. We don’t always know who has changed jobs, or which dealer has merged with another, etc.  In some cases we are too far into irreversible conversations before anyone realizes that they are working with a current client.